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    Heal~Uplift & Inspire change.

Bronze Medal Winner for Inspirational Poetry

We are so honored to receive this award along with a 5 Star Reader's Favorite award in the 2017 Readers Favorites International Awards selections.

We are also honored to have endorsements from other Authors~Psychotherapists~Business Consultants~Recording Artists~Yoga Professionals and beautiful reviews from our wonderful readers.


In the award winning prequel to this series, The Art of Bwaling-According to The Pink Dog, mounu and Pink introduced us to 5 Simple Steps to Release Life's Messy Stress: Breathe-Watch-Accept-Let Go and Practice-Practice-Practice. Now, in Volume I of The Pink Dog Chronicles, we explore more life lessons as we venture into The Tavern of The Divine. Thru playful, inspirational poetry and delightful illustrations, mounu and Pink guide us into the long, long, long agos sharing wisdom passed on to Pink as she serves in an extended line of Sentries for the Tavern. Once again, we are invited to put down our stresses and cares, to venture into the Tavern, dive deep into ourselves and life, have a taste of one of the life changing wines from the Tavern's wine list: Love Divine, Boundless Bliss, Infinite Peace or Rapturous Joy. You will no doubt experience all of them during each and every trip to The Tavern of The Divine.

Endorsements and Reader Reviews

  “mounu has such a huge heart. She is a guide, and a comfort in times of great stress and fear, and a deeply generous spirit. In reading the first few lines of this book, I remembered to just BREATHE: the simplest thing, but so easy to forget. Thank you, mounu, for always choosing Love, and reminding us of our own breath of life.” —Rosanne Cash Singer-Songwriter-Author-Mother Four-time Grammy award winner for her album The River and The Thread Author of Composed 

  “In a day and age when it’s hard not to take things too seriously, now is the time for a little mindful humor. Lap it up, laugh it up, and share these playful meditations with friends.” —Marilyn Schlitz, PhD Author, researcher and Chair of PhD Psychology programs, Sofia University President Emeritus and Senior Fellow of The Institute of Noetic Sciences  

 “When I was competing in an LPGA tour event, mounu wore a shirt that said “Breathe.” Every time I saw her in the crowd, it reminded me to focus on my breath to control my anxiety of competition. mounu has helped me balance my life and my business. She has been my only consultant during all the highs and lows in life. She is my compass, always pointing me to my true self.” —Nancy Quarcelino LPGA Teaching & Club Professional “Hall of Fame Member” Co-author of: Staying on Course: Mastering Golf ’s Most Challenging Shots LPGA National Teacher of the Year 2000 Founder of The Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf 

  “We live in times that try our souls. If ever we needed to slow down, take a breath, let go and practice acceptance, surely it is now. As mounu says in this wonderful little book, ‘Accepting the rains, the storms, the sun.’ Easier said than done. Or is it? Maybe we’ve made acceptance out to be harder than it is. This book most certainly helps ease the path.” —Joe Calloway Business Consultant Motivational Speaker Author of seven books including, Keep It Simple  

 “Imagine the possibilities when we embrace the simple yet transformational tools of ‘is-ness’ and ‘bwaling.’ mounu breaks these tools into steps each of us can take. This book is light, lively, and powerful.” —Jerry L. Campbell, Psychotherapist Nashville, TN 

  “Pink Dog and mounu offer vital, simple, wise Truths to help us engage and embrace the beauty of Earthly experience. Open this book and you will be opened.” —Dawn Kirk, Psychotherapist and Writer, Nashville, TN   

“mounu has such a warm, big heart. What really strikes me about her, though, is the sense of consistency she has to offer. Grounded, kind and generous ... When I read this book, it reminded me to take it easy and smile. This little book is also a great reminder to breathe; if we just stop and breathe, the way will show itself to us.” —Paras Moghtader Yoga student, teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner Director of Moksha Yoga Brampton   

“Delightfully succinct wisdom on how to find ease and clarity during challenging times. Proof positive that deep truth lives in simplicity. Use this book to guide you through times of stress and find your own inner oasis.” —Adela Rubio, Blogger and Virtual Event Host       

What Readers Are Saying 

  “This old dog can teach you some new tricks.”   

“Excellent reading! A must-share with all my friends!”   

“... I loved the book, the concept, the messages in it, and the author’s way of handling a relevant topic in a different, refreshing, and unique way. I would say the book is definitely a must-read for everyone as the author, along with her Pink Dog, teaches us how to de-stress our lives without stressing too much.”

   “... this book provides wonderful insights into our confusion without feeling like instructions. You will read it all the way through, and feel refreshed ... It is truly remarkable how something so simple at first glance can be so deep and wise.”     

“... The author’s poetry is memorable, like the hook of a song playing over and over in one’s head. It makes practice, practice, practice easier, easier, easier ...”  

 “The Art of Bwaling is an innovative and effective way to impart lessons for alleviating stress.” 

“Insight and Humor: A Powerful Combination Delivered in This Little Gem.”   

“It doesn’t take much time to read, but you will return to this little book again and again for the sheer joy of reading it. Each time you do you will have another ‘Ah Hah’ moment.”  

 “Any one of the five steps will release stress and is guaranteed to increase your mindfulness.” 

  “A book to be treasured and shared. It’s at the top of my gift list for sure.”  

 “Luscious descriptions of the path to enlightenment.” 

“Wonderful quick read that will stay with you a long time...”  

 “One of those magical little books that whatever page you turn to just might be the insight you need that day. I bought two.”   

“mounu’s and Pink Dog’s words of wisdom take the reader onto the most direct path to personal freedom and happiness.”  

 “Beautifully written! I found stress relief in just reading this ... Pink Dog will help guide you to a new level of stress management and put a smile on your face as you learn.”  

 “Refreshing as a cool glass of lemonade and full of fun, this little easy-to-read book’s simple steps in rhyming cadence will help you get back into or continue life’s free and flowing, forever dance. ... Definitely a book to read, re-read, give and share. Join in the Bwal!” 

      “A Lost Art Regained.” “Thought provoking and fun to read! This little book makes a great gift. I look forward to reading more from The Pink Dog and mounu.” 

  “This a fun, light-hearted journey to mindfulness. I loved the humor and playfulness. Pink is amazing and so is mounu! All hail the Pink Dog!”  

 “The Team from Anderson Investigations read this book and it’s highly recommended! ... We deal with a lot of stressful situations in our line of work. This book has helped immensely.” 

  “Simple, sweet and quickly shared! While waiting for dinner, I read this aloud to my houseguests, who were delighted by the rhyming prose and pictures. I can’t wait for Pink Dog and mounu’s next book.”  

 “What a delight this little book is! It’s a great reminder to come back to the simple steps that allow our lives to be pleasurable again. I loved it!”  

 “Wisdom from Pink Dog goes down easy. The five steps are reminders. Practice, yes. ... Love love love the illustrations.”  

 “... After reading this precious book, my burdens feel lighter and my heart feels happier. I am definitely going to keep it close at hand to help me in those moments I feel stressed. I am so happy this amazing book is part of my life.”  

 “... The book is amazing and the author’s poetry makes the practice easier. The pictures are adorable and they help readers connect well with the author’s words and look at life with an entirely new perspective.”    

 “A wonderfully powerful little book! It is a quick, must read for anyone in transition.”  

 “This book is a great anchor for staying focused and grounded in self-empowerment. Looking forward to the rest of the series!” 

  “... What a joyful little book that makes getting through the crud and crap of our times easier! ... Thanks, Sharon mounu, for a lift of my spirit with easy and true tools!”

 “... Being a dog person, I love Pink Dog’s message, and the illustrations make sure it is delivered with love and serenity.”  

 “... Loved this little book! Pink Dog takes us back to the simplest but most important rules for living. Great daily reminders of the basics that we all, as humans, need to remember and practice, practice, practice.”   

“... A delightful, uplifting experience packed with wisdom AND humor, this book will definitely be my go-to in times of stress. A true gem!” 

“A self-actualization journey into oneself from a refreshing viewpoint. If the Universe spoke to you through man’s best friend, this would be the primer.”