The Angels of Africa Project


 The purpose of this project is to raise awareness of the orphan crisis in Africa. It all began when the light in the eyes of an African child inspired a song that asked, "Who Are These Children of Africa“ The Angels of Africa Project is the result of seeking answers to that question and consists of a variety of creative productions. A play, an album of the soundtrack and stories from the play, and a songbook of choral arrangements are all part of our vision.


  Our Vision To create a legion of inspired hearts and minds that will engage and inspire others to take creative actions that will positively affect the orphan pandemic in Africa.

  Our deepest prayer and highest vision is that one of these songs will engage your mind and touch your heart. That one of these stories will inform, uplift and inspire your own unique creative action. May your life be healed and blessed by the grace that comes from reaching out and lifting up just one of these Angels of Africa.      


There are more orphans in sub-saharan Africa, from all causes, than the TOTAL number of people living in the countries of Greece, New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal,Singapore,Uruguay and Albania.  More than 50 million orphans; (This figure does Not include orphans that have been trafficked or abducted as child soldiers)

and every fourteen seconds another child is orphaned in Africa.

  Our Mission To Produce: Artistic projects, using stories and   songs, to raise awareness of the  Orphan Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa.  To Inspire: Unique creative action at your local   level that impacts at the village   level.  To Generate: One-to-one and group-to-group  action through the Angels of Africa   Network, a creative action hub and   resource collective.