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We are so honored to receive this award along with a 5 Star Reader's Favorite award in the 2017 Readers Favorites International Awards selections.

We are also honored to have endorsements from other Authors~Psychotherapists~Business Consultants~Recording Artists~Yoga Professionals and beautiful reviews from our wonderful readers.


Volume II of The Pink Dog Chronicles from The Tavern of The Divine and our first Children's Book Mother Gaia Earth Rhymes for 21st Century Children of All Ages


The Zen of Money and the Love Dreams for The Planet book. The companion book for the video.

A Letter To Readers

 Dear Reader, 

No one appreciates the wisdom, adoration, and unconditional love of a dog more than a fellow dog lover who has tapped into a sacred realm. mounu is precisely this: a divinely-tuned sojourner who spots wisdom staring her in the face during and at the end of each long day, a wisdom she shared with us so beautifully in The Art of Bwaling. 

Like mounu, my dog is my drug of choice... the epitome of the unconditional... the essence of what love is meant to be and the teacher of teachers when it comes to the meaning of life. I am addicted to the feeling of fur beneath my fingertips, an addiction for which I’ll not seek a group. To me, dogs are God’s gift to each of us, if we’ll let them in. I’m convinced a dog’s main purpose is to teach and center us in the midst of life’s craziness, to remind us that Spirit is always in our midst if we but “paws” and look around. 

Want a daily reminder of God’s presence? You might “wanna” get a dog. Short of that, may I suggest you savor the wisdom that mounu shares with us in this delightful series of books. Wisdom gleaned from living with and capturing in writing the lessons learned from her best friend and teacher, The Pink Dog. 

The Art of Bwaling warmed my soul and struck a chord deep within me. It captures and conveys precisely what it is to know and feel unconditional love, conveyed so beautifully by a dog. 

I am honored to have been privy to first drafts of Volume I of The Chronicles, and I can say with all honesty that there is real time-tested wisdom in these pages. These poems bring not only joy but also enlightenment. I shared with mounu after reading the poems in this collection that if everyone of us could remember this or even know it, how much more peaceful this planetary visit would be. 

Here’s to the journey we all share, made easier when accompanied by creatures who love us most and tolerate us best. 

Thank you, Pink, for the essence you embody. 

Thank you, mounu, for the beauty of your gifts.               
-Karlen Evins    K. Rose Publishing, Inc.  www.karlenevins.com 

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