About Us

Love Dreams for The Planet Project

  “Love Dreams for The Planet” is a campaign to fund the completion of a music video project. We also want to build a community of Dreamers and Storytellers to tell the stories that will usher in a Global Shift and create a New American Dream. Every donation no matter how small (or large) will become the energy to turn our dreams into reality.    For over a year now the voices of anger, hatred, injustice and intolerance have turned the American dream into an American nightmare!   · We want to change this dialogue and change this story.   · We believe that the power of music, dreams, and stories can heal, uplift and inspire change.   · 

Please Join Us

We invite you to join us so that we can add your voices, your dreams and your stories to the global dialogue.    · Please visit our Facebook page: “Love Dreams for The Planet Project” and tell us your stories and dreams   Once we are funded, we will complete our music video and share it with the world. Our dream is to follow this video with a book about our stories and dreams. We will follow this with an album of songs from contributing artists, and a documentary film about this project and other groups that align with our cause.    

We Can Do This

As Dreamers and Storytellers of a New American Dream, we will hold our common dreams as a Sacred Trust. We will honor this Trust by sharing our voices, energy, stories and dreams whenever and wherever we can.   With gratitude to our ancestors, we will do this, for the sake of our children, future generations, and all Life on the Planet.    We can do this.  

Love Dreams for The Planet (Temporary Video)

This video highlights the many critical issues facing our planet and our global community. Looking at the issues of Injustice~Inequality~Poverty~Freedom~War~Human Trafficking~Global Climate Change~Species Extinction~Unity~and the need for a Global Awakening to address these issues.  We believe that Love Is The Power~The Answer~and The Way to address all of these issues; by taking Action: Whenever~Wherever~and However we can.  Thank you for watching, liking and sharing our video.