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Mounu is a Stress Management, Business, and Spiritual Consultant, as well as a certified Accelerated Learning Consultant trained in NLP and Conscious Connected Breathing. Much of her life, she has been involved in creating music and inspirational writing while working with individuals and groups through a variety of modalities to enhance mindfulness and personal freedom. 

She has assisted many clients in the areas of stress

 management, relationship and communication skills, as well as conscious business management. Her main focus is on supporting her clients in attaining inner peace and  personal freedom through the release of negative habits, and the transformation of sub-conscious patterns and programs by assisting them in developing more  mindfulness, and conscious awareness. 

Mounu co-developed the workshop "Getting Down to Business With Your Right Brain," and "The Artistry Project.” She has donated her music to raise funds for Women's Shelters and worked on the development of the non-profit organization, Dancing With Cancer."

She is the founder of the Angels of Africa Project and the Love Dreams for The Planet Project 

Sharon mounu Riddell is also a writer, composer, and producer living in Nashville, TN. 


  My journey with mounu, as we have traveled through my healing and transformation, has made such a huge difference in my life, as my soul has been enlightened to a higher plane of self love.  Her knowledge and shining spirit shines through in every session of pure intent for healing and compassion no matter what your experience in life has been.  Working with mounu will make the difference that you may have been searching for.  So if you are reading this you, my friend, may have also been lead to mounu for some powerful healing.  Namaste .....Dr. B, Health and Wellness Professional   


 Mounu has worked with me for years. Though I have tried other counselors I always come back to her. She has been a great help with my anxiety and going through a difficult break up. Her prices are more than fair. I like the fact that I can discuss anything with her and not be judged. She also has done work with my daughter and we look forward to working with her.  .....S. A., Criminal Justice Professional  


 Mounu is available for a limited number of phone sessions each week.
She has been doing private sessions since the early 80's and can assist you in finding your own answers whatever your current challenges may be.If you are interested in receiving more information about her sessions please email her at:
She will respond within 24 hours.